I am pleased to welcome you to my website. With over 20-many years of experience in nutrition, my aim is to excite, inspire and encourage healthy relationships with body and food combined with good nutrition. I specialize in medical nutrition treatment for patients with eating disorders

or unhealthy eating practices, my many services include individualized nutrition counseling for weight loss, heart disease, sports nutrition and women's health issues. I also provide healthy eating coaching from grocery store tours to cooking basics and recipe ideas. Presentations and nutrition courses are available for groups, schools and classrooms from preschool to college courses. Available are nutrition education materials and mentoring for other nutrition professionals.
I am happy to tell you that many insurance companies offer benefits for nutrition counseling often without even a copay!
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Did You Know?

Winter is a great time to get in shape since the temperatures are falling and the air is crisp and clean!  Winter is also a great time to try new vegetables and fruits that are special for the season. Get inspired by trying some new fruits or vegetable from your local farmers market.  There are varied types of winter squash and easy to cook pumpkins.  Lots of greens including Swiss chard and arugula are available now.  Delicious and economical too. And you won't believe the wholesome flavors you can get - at home. Get started today!